Strength To Surrender!

Horn of Oil Day 20

Psalm 86:13 For great is thy mercy toward me: and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell!

The Psalmist was arising giving honor to God! He spoke freely of all the wondrous things the Lord God alone had done in his life. His praise for God included recognizing how the Lord had delivered him from his fate of hell. I too thank God for delivering me from the hell fire in my life literally and figuratively. Psalm 86 reminds us all that we must be thankful for God’s mercy to deliver us from the fate of our own sins, as well as, from the scorching of life’s fires that come to consume us! Thank you; Lord, for delivering me from the fires I set myself!

Today’s last Horn of Oil for this fasting season, shall praise God for deliverance from the things that the devil tried to use to burn us up! Deliverance from ourselves! We can be our own worst enemy! Lord, thank you for removing us during this fast and finding replacement in you! Thank you, Lord, for delivering us from the lusts of our flesh; then directing us to crave for more satisfaction found only in you! YOU FILLED OUR CUPS AND LORD WE THANK YOU!

Instead of a burn up, it was a set up for toughening our spirit for endurance! This fast took our flesh into captivity and removed it from the throne room in our lives, while at the same time, allowing the divine Spirit of Jesus to take the helm in our soul to order and direct our paths! Thank you, Lord, for reigning again in our life!

Let us be very alert as we end our fast not to allow our flesh to gain power again. Whether fasting or not, continue to allow the Spirit of God to be the captain of your ship.

Praise Jesus for great has been HIS loving mercy toward us. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy of deliverance! (things seen and unseen) Thank you, Lord Jesus, for continued strength to pick up our cross daily and follow you!

We shall continue to Surrender ALL

Daniel Fast Day 20- Strength to Surrender

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