Not By Bread Alone

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Not By Bread Alone....

Matthew 4:4 - But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God

The Spirit of God led Jesus to a place of solitude and isolation to be tested and while there, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. If you examine Matthew 4:1-2 more closely, the Word reveals two special events going on simultaneously, a wilderness and a fast. Jesus was fasting at the same time while he was experiencing a challenge in his life. Yes, Jesus fasted while he was going through.

In the wilderness, Jesus had to physically navigate jagged and warped landscape while HE was spiritually seeking God for direction regarding HIS next stage of ministry. There are times in our lives when the Lord calls us to seek HIM to work in HIS service while things in our life feel jagged and warped. Those times come to test us and our ability to multi-task in our faith. Are we able to still seek the Lord and do HIS will while handling spiritual warfare, as well as, life’s daily challenges at the same time? Jesus was able to pass the test because he allowed the Spirit of the Lord to take the lead. Our fasting is a camp ground rich with exercises for cleansing and polishing our spiritual armor while also preparing our spiritual arsenal for battle time.

We must always be prepared because warfare can come regardless of what you have on your calendar or juggling on your plate. Jesus was already handling difficult terrain while seeking the Lord, but He then found himself having to deal with the devil too. The devil showed up and placed himself in Jesus’ wilderness (hard times) just to question him about his faith.

Surely we all know how the devil shows up when things are already rough enough. When we pull away to spend time in the divine presence of God, to seek deliverance, self direction, and power, the devil is always there in our solitude time, calling us out , causing distractions and questioning our sincerity to be with the Lord. The tempter always wants to remind us of our our fleshly selves. However, as believers, we must remember how Jesus overcame. The devil may make an appearance when you are seeking the Lord, but the Spirit of the Lord is present too! Although Jesus had been going through and HE was hungry, HE had also been in conversation with HIS Heavenly Father and when the devil questioned him, the Words of God came flowing out of HIS mouth. No, I don’t live by bread alone...I live by the Word of God. We must invest time in conversation with God so we will stand against the wiles of the enemy and say,

“I may be human and yes, I have carnal necessities, but that is not all that keeps me.”

“ I may be physical but I am also spirit filled.”

“ I don’t live by bread alone!”

Bread may be needed for my physical body to live, but God’s Word keeps my spirit man thriving and able. I live not by bread alone!!!!!!! The devil may tempt your flesh, but the longer you converse with God, your spirit man will grow stronger and take charge of the devil’s conversation and you shall overcome the temptations that were sent to destroy your faith. Fasting in the wilderness allowed Jesus time to hear from HIS Father in Heaven and arm HIM with answers to rebuke the attack of the enemy.

When we come aside from the world and spend time in a place of solitude with the Lord, no matter what you are going through, you will hear HIS voice more distinctly. In addition, while you

are in a wilderness, if you also deny yourself by turning down your plate of pleasure and feast upon the Word of God, when the enemy does come to tempt you, you will have God’s Word in your mouth and HIS answer for any wicked conversation the enemy brings up against you now and for future battles. Hallelujah!

Today our horn of oil teaches us that fasting during our trying times releases weapons of warfare that are not carnal, but mighty through God’s Words for defeating the enemy.

When the enemy goes low we go higher in God!

Welcome God’s fast for 2019. It is full of purpose to see you develop and enhance your more than a conqueror skills with Christ Jesus! Don’t be alarmed if you are battling while fasting!

Like Jesus, we shall walk out of this fasting & wilderness season, stronger, directed, more focussed, able and ready for warfare!

To God be All of the Glory!

Day 3 of Fast- Fasting with purpose

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