Righteously Satisfied

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled Matthew 5:6

Have you ever wondered what truly fills your spirit? When was the last time you hungered for more time with Jesus, more surrender, more emptying out so you can begin again, restart, and refresh? When was the last time you thirsted to delve into God's Word and drink until your soul was satisfied with the response the Lord poured into your heart? The Lord is saying, "Now is the time!" Jesus is alerting us that we need to change our taste buds. We often hunger and thirst after microwave, fast spiritual food, but that only renders our spirit man weak from indulging in quick temporary meals that leave us with momentary satisfaction, but days, hours, or even moments later we come up empty, depleted and thirsting. After a while, we develop poor dietary habits in our walk with Jesus. Have you become addicted to the wrong diet plan, grabbing a little Jesus on the run? The Lord wants us to develop an appetite for HIM, thirst to drink of his revelation and desire to be filled from his righteous presence in our day to day life. Pray without ceasing, study to show yourself approved as you rightly apply Jesus’ truths in your daily walk with HIM.

Thank you Lord for redirecting our lifestyle to be more spiritually gratifying. Help us Lord Jesus to become more disciplined in our tasting of what truly is filling for our mind, body and spirit. Direct us Lord God to allow only your Word to be our menu of choice and steady our spiritual principals to include only those tastes that promote long term inward satisfaction and peace that runneth over. Then once we hunger and thirst after HIS right in our lives, our souls become filled with living water and we hunger and thirst no more.

Day 1 of Fast- Order a meal from the Lord and be filled Daniel Fast Day 1

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