Blessed Be the Name of The Lord!

Jesus has evidenced fulfillment of every name that flows from above. As HE manifests the blessings from HIS NAME in your life, RECEIVE, RECEIVE, RECEIVE. Truth is..we do not have room to receive all the blessings that Jesus has in store for us. Don't spend your day giving Satan your time by arguing, pouting, being mad and angry, but seek to bask in every precious moment that God has created for you in THIS DAY! RECEIVE the magnificence of Jesus' glory in every moment of THIS DAY because you will not be able to have a, "do over! " For this is the Day, that the Lord hath made, REJOICE and be glad in it! Lift up your voice and bless God's HOLY, Anointed and Powerful Name! Let us bless God in our today moments and magnify HIS Name above every problem, every issue, every battle, every hiccup, every stone thrown, and every attack waged by the enemy. There is nothing the Lord's name can't change, conquer or reverse.

Remember Blessings flow from the Name of Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

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